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IIAD Global

Building education solutions for the 21st Century

Our services

We work with education partners to generate alternative sources of revenue through online learning and satellite campuses

Online Learning 

We develop fully online diploma and degree programs and manage the accreditation process from start to finish.  We design and build out the digital course content and setup the learning management system.

Academic Partnership Solutions
Faculty Development

We work with our education partners to design and develop research-informed faculty development programs that are in-line with, and support, institutional strategy.

Financial strategy

We work with our partners to investigate new business models and alternative approaches to generating revenue that support their long-term mission and goals.   

Satellite Campus

We have never had a more connected world than we do today. How do we make sense of the world in these changing times? IIAD Global focuses on developing innovative learning environments using cutting edge technology to prepare students to meet the challenges of modern-day employment.

Program Development

We work with our partners to design and validate high impact, research-informed, blended and fully online learning experiences that prepare students for living and working in the 21st Century.

Quality Assurance Services
innovation & entrepreneurship

We work with our partners to embed innovation and entrepreneurship into the learning experience providing students with the opportunities to explore innovation processes and build their own companies. 

Our Process


We work with our partners to identify their goals for revenue generation and academic quality and investigate the alignment between teaching and learning and institutional strategy.


We design a educational framework that allows the institution to quickly build and scale market driven academic programs.


We build the curriculum structure, academic quality processes, digital content and technology infrastructure to support a scalable cost effective delivery system.

Train & Evaluate

We train faculty to support and facilitate the unique learning process and the evaulation processes needed to ensure ongoing and continued improtment.  

Featured Projects

Academic Partnerships

BCI Innovation Labs

IIAD is establishing a private college in Ontario that will offer Ontario diplomas and UK degrees in business and technology.  BCI will partner with industry partners to provide up-to-date industry-focused training.  We believe that in the future, success in the higher education sector will be dependent on the institution's academic and industry partnerships.

Program Development

London learning institute

Software Development & Technology Entrepreneurship 

We believe that you need to bring the real world into the classroom, and the best way to do that is to make the real world, the classroom.  IIAD partnered with the London Learning Institute, a private college in Canada, to establish a unique Ontario college diploma in software development.  We teach students to code, build software products and launch a tech company.

Satellite Campuses and the Global Semester Program

BCI Institute  

IIAD has established a digital multi-campus educational framework that allows students to experience living and studying in a different location each semester.  IIAD works with its education partners to support global expansion into other countries around the world.

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Canadian Office

Innovation Works Building
201 King St, London, ON, CA
N6A 1C9
T: +1-833-291-9362

United Kingdom

601 International House
223 Regent Street
London, UK
T: +44 208 242 6382



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